Tuned Vol.1 Lucky Punks

Lucky Punks


Line-Up – Adam/Drums, Vocals, Ross/Guitar, Lead Vocals, Tom/Bass, Cameron/Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Formed – 2015

From – Newcastle, UK

Genre – Britpop, New Wave, Indie

Latest Release – ‘I Want You To Say’ Single www.bit.do/LPSingle

For Fans Of – Blur, Duran Duran, Canterbury


Everyone loves a bit of indie. Even if you’re wearing all black with Metal Rules awkwardly tattooed on your knuckles, we all secretly love a bit of Oasis, Blur or anything that plays around with clean tones and the British accent. Lucky Punks capture what it is that makes this genre so bloody loveable with their latest single ‘I Want You To Say’ with their clean cut image and a tinge of surf-rock guitar making its way to the forefront. This is the kind of music that easily suits a summer festival for you to bounce around to and sing along with. Although they’re still a young band, the music these guys have produced shows a great promise and strong development potential for years to come!



What would you say your influences are?

I would say our sound is indie with elements of britpop and new-wave. We’re influenced by Duran Duran and Blur, but to be honest we listen to some varied stuff between us!

There’s a lot of British bands who sing with fake American accents and always have been doing so. Do you think it’s important as a Brit to represent our accents in music?

Well occasionally Ross has been accused of having a slight US twang (our original single was recorded in LA. We were staying out there for a while)), so not sure we can say much without being hypocritical! I think it’s important to find your own unique voice, and stick with that – but that can be whatever accent you like.

What’s been the craziest moment for you guys so far?

To be honest we’re not that exciting, no Led Zeppelin shark tales as such! We have received some fairly awful propositions from some very forward fans though!!






words by Elliot Stubbings



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