In Your Ears #10

We’re back! Back in black! On the highway to hell!!! We’ve got two tickets to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty woman walking down the street… I got lost. Disclaimer, absolutely none of these songs are in our playlist this week! Ever heard of Arcane Roots or Xerath? You have now! Spotify bitches!

Track 1)

In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me

The Black Dahlia Murder


Track 2)

I Miss You


Make Yourself

Track 3)

Dilemmachine : Coalition, hoax

Norma Jean

O’ God The Aftermath

Track 4)

You Are

Arcane Roots

Left Fire

Track 5)

Sunny Side Up

Faith No More

Sol Invictus

Track 6)

The Chaos Reign



Track 7)

Are We The Waiting

Green Day

American Idiot

Track 8)

Open Your Eyes


Grand Unification

Track 9)

Revival Mode

Every Time I Die

Ex Lives


Playlist curated by Elliott Stubbings

TKT Words does not own copyright for the media above


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