Free zombies! For everyone

Resident Evil HD Remastered

Now I know we all love some free shit from time to time, you really cannot beat getting something for nothing and in my mind the only thing that makes that better is zombies! lots and lots of bloodthirsty, angry walking dead. As if to put this point across like no one but Sony can they have deemed us worthy for a corker of a free game this month taking the shape of Resident Evil HD remastered.

I’m sure there’s more than a few out there who are old enough to remember the original on the PS1, the sheer terror at that initial cutscene and zombie encounter, the dogs jumping through the windows and trying to play invisible mode! Now we have a HD remake and all the original video game scares can come flooding back in gloriously remastered visuals and sound. This is the game we think we remember and thank god, not the game that was, memories can go a long way to making us want something that was without actually reminding us how ugly it was compared to what we have now.

The story, mystery, and scares are all still there. The unrelenting need to keep digging into the secrets that mansion has to offer bring back the same feelings of playing , what was for most, the first horror game they had played. I suggest you get this one in your library.

Transformers: Devastation

Next up is Platinum Games hack and slash, cel shaded, robots in disguise fun fest Transformers Devastation. I know what you’re thinking mainly because I thought the same thing, Transformers games suck! they never do the films/comics/animation justice and always leave you feeling a little cheated and dirty in the corner! Well move over all your bad memories and prepare for a whole bunch of new ones that are actually decent!

Once again fighting Megatron as he and the Decepticons try to take over the world, this time using an ancient  crashlanded Autobot ship The Proudstar to cyberform the earth

Gameplay wise this is similar to Platinum games other titles. You get the chance to play as 5 different Autobots through the 7 chapters that comprise the game. Each Autobot uses a variety of melee and ranged attacks as well as being able to access a focus mode that allows down time allowing for counterattacks. each character also uses a unique ability and overdrive attack if they have enough energy available. All your normal gameplay aspects are here as well, collecting credits, destroying certain items and upgrading your equipment and weapons.

All in all, this is a nice little game that distracts from the life-consuming, brain bashing, crawl through the dark pit of video games that things like Dark Souls love to deliver. so do yourself a favour this month and let your fingers have a break from the norm.

Happy gaming crew

words by Pete Butchers


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