In Your Ears #11

Welcome back to another Monday filled with tunes for your earholes. This week, we’re keeping it relatively chilled out with some gems from Fall Out Boy and trip-hop legend TRICKY. Don’t forget to get involved with our Spotify where you can get all of our playlists in one convenient platform.

Track 1)



Dead Ends

Track 2)

C’mon Baby


Knowle West Boy

Track 3)

Search & Destroy

30 Seconds To Mars

This Is War

Track 4)


Memphis May Fire


Track 5)


Fall Out Boy

From Under The Cork Tree

Track 6)

Droppin’ Dimes


A Better View Of The Rising Moon

Track 7)

Your Evolution

While She Sleeps


Track 8)

Section 8

Hyro Da Hero

Birth, School, Work, Death

Track 9)

As The Crow Flies


The Alchemy Index: Vol. 3 & 4: Air & Earth


Playlist curated by Elliott Stubbings

TKT Words does not own copyright for the media above


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