[RE]Tuned – Brittle Head Girl


Some of you may remember that we covered Brittle Head Girl back in August in our article for Tuned Vol I. Well, they’re back with a vengeance, bringing a new Scottish tour and EP for all your music loving entertainment.

The new EP is called Fall In Line and from talking to the band, it’s taken from a line from Sleeping With The Enemy and reflects the current political climate we’re in; what with Brexit and referendums going on. It’s about falling in line with the popular crowd, even if we don’t really agree with what they’re saying.

Check out our first meeting with the guys here.


So onto the new EP and what we can expect from them this time around!

Track 1 – Sleeping With The Enemy

A political song regarding the Scottish referendum. You had Tories/Lib Dems/Labour etc all ganging up and forgetting they actually hated each other, all to stop the break-up of the UK. Lies were told and subsequent promises were made that haven’t come to fruition.

Track 2 -Dirty Mo FP

A chance for Ryan to swear a lot and get all the anger out. This one’s about the politicians love affair with going to war with poorer nations, all for the love of oil or remaining on the good side of our friends the USA.

Track 3 – Snake Oil

A song about big business and government control over us poor peasants.

Be prepared for an ear bashing of angst from this EP both musically and lyrically These chaps know their feelings and are definitely not afraid to show it!

The lads are resourceful as well as talented, recording the EP in August in their own studio and having whizz kid guitarist Ritchie sort all the technical stuff, even mixing the EP himself dodging ‘suggestions’ from the rest of the band.

Keep an eye out and pick up the EP on today from all the usual music gathering sources- iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify etc etc etc or go real old school and buy a CD for the first time this year from their home site www.brittleheadgirl.com

Now, if you’re based in bonny Scotland, you can check the guys out this November on their tour with shows from the 3rd to the 24th. You’d be a fool to miss out on this great night of musical mastery.


Our co-editor Elliott caught up with Ryan from the band to ask a few questions and to get an insight into how the band feel about the state of the UK!

So Fall In Line seems like one big political statement. How do you feel about the UK right now and how has this affected the lyrics for your EP?

The UK is a fucking mess. We’ve got an uber right wing government pretending that they care for the common man, with a feckless opposition who are more interested in fighting amongst themselves than providing a credible alternative. We’ve just come through the most divisive decision the UK has ever seen and we are in the unenviable position of splitting with our major trade partner and making a go of it on our own, despite Thatcher killing any industry we ever had. I’m not going to have a go at people who voted to leave, everyone had their reasons but 40 years of the tabloids blaming everything on the EU can’t have helped. I feel sorry for the youth today, totally fucked by the older generation again. The baby boomers who got everything: cheap houses, good jobs, final salary pensions voted for some kind of 50s nirvana that never was. I’m alright (union) jack.

How does it feel to have full creative control recording this yourselves?

Full creative control is both a boon and a total pain in the ass. We’re all old enough to have been around recording contracts in the late 90s to know the folly of the record industry, let’s just say there was no trickle down economy. Everyone got paid except the bands. These days it’s a piece of piss; set up your own label and use one of the many free distribution channels online. No label telling you to edit your song for the radio, no pressure for a hit etc. I look at bands like Fugazi who remained staunchly independent and I admire that punk philosophy. Of course the flipside is no record deal means no promotion. You don’t get the radio plays, magazine reviews, plum support gigs that the old model provided. It can be hard to be heard when there are 1000 other bands on Bandcamp vying for attention. Folks, the old play lots of gigs, network and get yourself out there is still the way to do it.

So you’re on tour pretty damn soon! Are there any shows in particular you’re looking forward to the most? What kind of antics do you tend to get up to when you’re on the road?

Looking forward to this run of gigs. Edinburgh and Perth are always good, being where we live now and where we all came from, but personally, I’m looking forward most to Dundee, Paisley and Inverness as I’ve never played these towns. Antics? Ha! We’re a bit long in the tooth for anything mental these days. That said, I’m always up for an adventure as long as all four of us make it to the next gig then anything goes!

Words by Pete Butchers & Elliott Stubbings



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