In Your Ears #13 – Super Spooky Halloween Edition

TRICK R TREEEEEEEET! Happy Halloween yall! This week’s playlist features 9 of the freakiest, weirdest and NSFW songs and videos one could wish for. Songs that go bump in the night and you can potentially bump your head to as well. If you don’t fancy being freaked out by some of these horror-themed vids, why not just use your ear-eyes with our Spotify playlist instead?

Track 1)


Dir en Grey


Track 2)

When I Lost My Bet

The Dillinger Escape Plan

One Of Us Is The Killer

Track 3)



Oracular Spectacular

Track 4)

Black Hole Sun



Track 5)

Tonight Matthew I Am The Batman


This Polar Noise

Track 6)

Mr. Krinkle


Pork Soda

Track 7)

Welcome To Sludge City

Annotations Of An Autopsy

Welcome To Sludge City

Track 8)

… and then she Bled

Suicide Silence

No Time To Bleed

Track 9)


Michael Jackson



Playlist curated by Elliott Stubbings

TKT Words does not own copyright for the media above


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