Once You Go Black…


So by now, you’re probably gathering your riot gear, painting your face like Rambo or stretching your beautiful calf muscles so you can rugby tackle the shit out of the young and the elderly to be first in line for some Black Friday deals. Well over at The Killing Tree, they can save you a broken jaw or nose by giving you early access to some killer Black Friday deals on Monday!

Black Friday.jpg
It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Black Friday exclusives yo!

Starting on the 21st, if you’ve signed up to their mailing list, you can get early access to a cheeky little discount code and get those sweet, sweet tees before all the other muggles keyboard warrior the shit out of the store on Friday.

Camera-on Diaz. 75% off with a Black Friday Discount Code!

Not on the mailing list? Why the fuck not?! For one, you get a pretty newsletter where you get to see all the awesome new designs from TKT, you’ll get some exclusive discount codes that none of the other peeps get AND you get a link to read some of the killer shit we write here over at TKT//words.

Black Friday Exclusives!

So what excuse do you have now? Go sign up to the TKT mailing list by clicking this blue little bastard and start saving your pennies this coming Monday and treat yourself! Splurge like you’ve never splurged before!!

Just remember, if you don’t hook yourself up with an Early Access code, you could end up missing out on some kick-ass garms. Then you’ll look all sad and mopey like my co-editor.

Sad & mopey co-editor

Words by Elliott Stubbings


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