From Terminatior to Jack Sparrow meet Melissa Scott. 

I consider myself to be in a really lucky position that I get so meet and chat to some of the best tattoo artists in the buisness and if I’m really lucky I can add thier talent to my growing collection.

What I truly feel lucky for though is when I come across a talent that is just blooming,  a fresh face in the scene that is keen, enthusiastic and has an emerging style of thier own that just blows me away.

Step up Melissa Scott, working out of Apostle tattoo studio in Hartlepool. Melissa first caught my eye when I spotted a drawing of Terminator she did with nothing but pencils! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Check it out below in all its below.

Be sure to follow Melissa’s Instagram @Melissamia_art 

Off to Facebook I trotted (because obviously that the only way a modern blog mongol can communicate) to see if I could pick Melissas artistic brains on tattoos, art and convention madness.

1/ Thanks for talking to us today, how has 2016 treated you so far?

M. 2016 has been great! It’s been the start of my Tattooing journey, probably the most enjoyable, yet challenging year for me so far!

2/ I’ve been a fan of your work since first seeing the terminator drawing you did. Have you always been artistic or was it something you grew into?

M. I’ve always been artistic but never really took it seriously! It’s evolved over the years into a full time commitment.

3/ What took you down the tattoo route then? do you think it’s something that was always on the cards?

M. I’ve always liked tattoos but it’s only been the past few years since I started to consider tattooing as a career. I studied a degree in Textile Design not long before starting my tattoo apprenticeship, I enjoyed it but never really felt my heart was in it.

Melissa’s trademark detail here in its glory 

4/ Your drawings have a massive amount of detail in them(which I still can’t belive is done with pencils) and this can definitely be seen transitioning into your tattoo work, do you think this is a style you’ll try and keep, making it a signature as such?

M. Yeah I think so, I really love the challenge that comes with highly detailed pieces! I am trying to do the same in my tattoos but I’m just finding out what elements of my drawings I can transfer well into a tattoo.

5/ So with that in mind what’s been your favorite peice to tattoo so far? One your especially proud of?

M. Probably the Captain Jack Sparrow tattoo, it was my first proper attempt at a portrait and using skin tones, I think I’d only been tattooing about 3 months when I started it. There’s tonnes of room for improvement but as first attempts go…I think it turned out okay! 

Captain Jack in all his pirate glory 

6/ I saw that you have been to the sheffield tattoo show recently, how was that? Was the atmosphere very different from being in the shop?

M. Sheffield was great! It was awesome to see tattoos from great artists in the flesh.. as well as watching how they work. I was slightly nervous about tattooing at the convention as it’s not something I’ve done before. I tend to zone out when I’m tattooing so it didn’t really feel too different from working in the shop, which was good!

7/ Is there anyone you would really love to get some work from in the industry or really look up to?

M. Well the list is endless really, there are so many exceptionally talented artists around. I think the two artists who inspire me the most at the minute are Dmitriy Samohin and Steve Butcher, I find that level of realism and amount of detail astonishing.

8/ What’s your favourite piece in your own collection?

M. My favourite tattoo in my collection is probably my Halloween tattoo I recently got from Alex Williamson (who is also my mentor). I love Halloween and bright colours so it fits the bill!


9/ What advice if any, would you give to someone who wanted to start out in tattooing?

M. Advice to anyone starting out in tattooing? I’m still figuring this out myself, but I guess my advice would be to work as hard as you can and be patient. Also, take any advice or criticism from whoever is teaching you seriously.

10/ Finally what do you get up to in your spare time aside from tattooing?

M. I spend most of my spare time drawing really. I’ve recently been spending time learning to paint with oils, I’m finding it very therapeutic but it’s certainly a challenge!

Be sure to give Melissa a follow on instagram and pop by the shop Apostle tattoo studio for some art work on your skin.

Words by Pete Butchers



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